With Miryaki the art of tailoring blends with an urban style that seeks practical yet unique. With Miryaki is thus reinterpreted street style enriched with opulent details and sophisticated silhouette embracing new forms, emerges a new femininity, fresh and saucy.

Emerging name in the fashion, the brand Miryaki was founded by Mia Vilardo and Riccardo Polidoro, a 'joint winner of opposite personalities. Richard was born in Veneto, he studied at the European Institute of Design and the various work experience he has in the Dolce & Gabbana. I was born in Sicily, he studied at the Marangoni Institute in Milan and worked for Marc Jacobs and other small companies that have allowed her to learn the entire production cycle of a collection. The chemistry between the two young designers, who met while studying, working in a joint project, it is daringly materialized in 2009, when they decided to create the brand that is an anagram of their names. Immediately aroused Miryaki acclaim: in 2010 winners of Mittelmoda The Fashion Awards, in 2011 the participation in the contest for emerging talent Kostume Zurich, in 2014 winning the MFP Marseille, competition promoted by Dior and Chanel.

Tailoring, elegance, femininity represent the main theme of all the creations of Miryaki. The woman at the center of the creative universe, with its demands for practicality and versatility on the one hand, uniqueness and beauty on the other. All garments are made with Italian fabrics and details, the clothes are processed in the traditional way by seamstresses in Sicily in full compliance excellence Made in Italy.

For the spring - summer 2015 Miryaki focuses on the dress with his notes bon-ton sprinkled from an exotic aroma and a strong flavor. The bright tones contrasts with the softness of the fabrics and the rigor of the forms. Clothes prestigious and unique style for a brand that is now in the spotlight of national and international. For info http://www.miryaki.com/