Each one different from the other, each with its own reason, each with that one detail that makes us say "no, I can't not have this!"

Maxi or mini, black or colored, to carry by hand or on the shoulder ... impossible not to desire them all. Which do you prefer? To you the choice! Handbag and the great classics, you known it, they never fade, the Sixties style rigid handles are experiencing their new golden age, the extra small sizes ride the crest of the trend and win the nomination for IT ... it-bag! And what can we say about the buckets, the animalier shopper bags or the very comfortable market bags in fabrics and not. Although, to be honest, rumor has it that it's now the season of "free hand" with backpacks, beltbag and shoulder with golden chain.

So which one to buy? Discover with us and our most wanted, all the bags to put on the list to face the winter with the right accessory!

Kristina C. mini bag in leather and floral prints


Small and elegant Cecile Small Nouveau bag - Kristina C.

Ideal for your special appointments, the mini bag by Kristina C. mixes leather, colors and floral prints. The gold chain shoulder strap adds an extra touch and accessory!

Der Aesthethik white tote bag


Body Off-white multi-functional backpack – Der Aesthetik.

A bag that becomes a backpack, a backpack that becomes a bag. Der Aesthetik is able to dress the woman on several occasions with just one tote bag. White, in leather and 100% made in Italy, it is the perfect accessory for those in search of exclusive comfort.

Fuscra clutch in faux pineapple rust color textured effect


Large Pinapple Rust clutch– Fuscra.

If you are thinking that its texture resembles the one of an exotic fruit, you are right! The Pinapple rust-colored clutch bag by Fuscra surprises with its material, shape and high quality! In faux-leather, it is handmade with the original origami workmanship: a piece not only to have but to collect!

Large and oval beige bag Eremo to carry on the shoulder


Beige Sabiona oval bag – Eremo.

Its oval shape makes it even more exclusive. Beautiful in combo with maxi coat and cuissard boots, perfect as a ladylike look bag, practical for your long days at the office the Sabiona bag manages to give the best of itself in every look.

Hibourama mini bag in rust-colored reptile leather chain and gold logo


Sophisticated Tiffany Big Plain Snake Rust Bag - Hibourama.

Precious materials and impeccable details meet in a bag essential only in its lines. A precious accessory, which certainly stands out. The golden chain makes it elegant and versatile.

Large gold-colored Adelaide Carta eco bag with black stripe and red stripes


Large and spacious Daily Bronze Shopper bag - Adelaide C.

A faithful friend for your intense and lively days, the capacious bronze-colored shopper by Adelaide Carta puts practicality, style and versatility into a single bag.