Contemporary in design, in silver, gold but also colorful, they have different shapes, from mini to over-size: jewels, in this Summer more than ever, go from being accessories to the most wanted of your looks.

They are received, given as gifts, sometimes they are refused, others are loved, still others are handed down. One thing (or better word!) Is certain: this season's most wanted are special jewelsConventions and traditions break for a new style, more and more free and playful. The materials, the stones and the colors are mixed, reinventing a new exclusivity.

Rigid chockers, long earrings, strings of necklaces to mix together, rings to be worn all on the same hand or even on the same finger, but also precious and semiprecious stones, real talismans. Jewels become the perfect ally to give a twist of style to even the most basic looks. Well yes, because the new mood prefers the lightness, the color, the brightness of stones and metals that when mixed give life to exclusive matches, elegant yes but also fun.

In fact, jewels rediscover their great beauty: no longer just an element of decor, but a seal of feelings, lucky charms in some moments, evoke memories, transmit emotions and illuminate and color our outfits. But what are the most wanted jewels in your jewelry box that you just can't miss?

If you love earrings, one of the must-haves is them, the hoops. Large, medium, small, bold, thin… hoop earrings explore different processes and thicknesses, always remaining among the most loved jewels. On the subject of earrings there are then the chandeliers, long, sometimes very long, to be worn no longer only in pairs but to be mixed together with different models, such as the small lobe ones.

And what about bracelets? Maxi shapes win, with sculptural jewels ideal for wearing with long dresses and garments that wink at the boho-chic style.

The protagonists of this season's jewels are certainly them, the necklaces. Thin and single pendant to wear together or large chokers to wear alone: from the very high-necked chocker, in metal but also in a colored version with stones, tassels and original details, to chains, or rather the gold knitted necklaces that periodically return to conquer trends , confirming itself among the most loved evergreen jewels.

And for the rings? Green light to creativity! Precious stones, bold shapes, funny and super colorful versions: fashion this summer more than ever dares and plays, all hands adorned but careful not to mix too different elements together. The risk of going out of style is always around the corner!

So what are you waiting for? Discover our most wanted jewels now and start your precious shopping right away: on, of course!