Vibrant colors, iconic shapes, inspirations that speak the many languages ​​of art and... so so much healthy irony. At the heart of its bags, the original Made in Italy brand NC POP packs and preserves the essential value of happiness: no one can reveal the secret recipe or tell us how to be happy, but each of us can face life from our own point of view, writing it and then living it.

Shoulder bag by NC POP pink with red details
Nicky powder pink handbag by NC POP, with a particular red mouth, long black handle and fringes

More than a brand, NC POP is a project, a thought, a philosophy, the "new pop" philosophy: the work relies on the single day and art is in the ability of repeating it at its bes , making it serial and making every day a one single space. Culture, music, fashion, creativity meet and blend together in accessories free from constraints and seasons. Trends are outdated and reinterpreted, giving life to bags suitable for many occasions and seasons.

Ironic, colorful, pop and all of them made entirely in Italy, the creations signed by this gritty brand are inspired by heroines and different characters like Wonderwoman, Charlie, Lesley and her, a must, Nicky. Limited editions and a mix of noble and special materials are some of the typical features of NC POPs. From mini to maxi, from clutch bags to shoppers, these bags are fun to experiment and color our looks with style.

Like a real Factory, NC POP studies and designs original and unique pieces, vividly full of references and styles far back in time: the buzz of the Swinging London, the 60s revolution …. traits that are now reinterpreted and updated for a contemporary beauty.

MP bag of NC POP in fluorescent colors PVC
Wonder bag by NC POP gold, blue and red star

Lesley, the new bucket, the elegant and at the same time carefree mood of the Nicky handbag, the gold and femininity of the small but gracious Wonder, the comfort that does not give up on color and fashion of the MP shopper: bags designed for a woman who loves to emerge and be noticed. And which one do you prefer? Don't wait, choose your NC POP!