Nobahar Design Milano is a truly interesting brand. Eclectic, original and exclusive just like the mind that created it. In fact it is impossible to describe its founder Sogand Nobahar be it in words, or pre definitive terms or conventional labels. She is a fantastic designer but also an artist, a maker, researcher and engineer - a woman with a thousand potentials and a thousand shades, just like her jewellery. They are unique pieces that dress the body with another, alternative elegance. With curiosity and dynamicness, Sogand has always accepted the various challenges that life throws at her. Her versatility and multidisciplinary training are alive and tangible in a jewellery that escapes all conventional schemes, and that never tires to surprise. After her studies in Industrial Design in Teheran, she transferred to Italy, precisely Milan, in 2009 where she completed her training in design and engineering.

“I want to live happily in a world that I don’t understand.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Sogand has worked in various sectors within jewellery, undertaking different routes, crossing interests and gaining different experiences. From this came the motivation that pushed her and brought her to the decision to create her own important project, her brand Nobahar Design Milano. The word Nobahar literally mean ‘new spring’, a rebirth and a regrowing. It’s with this philosophy that her new jewellery signed Nobahar grows, or regrows. Accessories that combine tradition and innovation, from the first idea all the way to the design and the materials chosen. A mix and match that’s distant from all conventions; a new way of thinking, seeing and creating objects. And it’s not a coincidence that Sogand’s motto is “As unconventional as it is”.Nobahar Milano jewellery is eye catching, attracting us by its forms and original identity. Inspired by life itself and the sensations that each day stimulates, Sogand thinks of and produces her accessories like she would exciting pieces of Art. They express messages, constructing sensorial routes that aren’t scared to experiment; in fact they seek to bond with both past and modern creativity, using avant-garde techniques such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing. A winner of awards and competitions, Sogand Nobahar is presently a new name, however her talent is already recognised. Her piece The Rebirth of Lotus won first prize of the national competition in Piacenza in 2017. Here she created an exquisite white bracelet produced in limited edition, that represented not just a precious piece of jewellery but also an even more important initiative: the battle against violence towards women.Nobahar’s collections tell stories and stimulate sensations. For example MyCity Tehran is a line inspired by the designer’s home city and the nostalgia felt by those who live far from home. Tehran is a bustling metropolis, a cosmopolitan city but also a complex one that has many links with old traditions, but is also open to modern prospects. And it’s of the Milad Tower, also known as the Teheran Tower, visible from every corner of the city, that Sogand thinks as she envisages these creations. Rings, bracelets; jewellery that dresses and colours the body with particular shapes, circular or semicircular. Geometries that embrace the past but look towards the future, gathering and utilising unusual materials for the jewellery, as the collection My Little Perfume demonstrates. Light, delicate feminine rings inspired by Rosa Mohammadi and by the production of rose water in the Persian tradition; one can almost smell its perfume. Available in tones from black and white to brighter colours, the jewellery in the My Little Perfume line with its central mobile petals represents one of the best applications of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. What are you waiting for? Discover here all the creations and combine a piece of Nobahar jewellery with your look.