Delicate, romantic, ethereal. Light blue has always been the color of the sky, imagination and serenity. And now of Spring Summer 2020 fashion.

From the bon ton beauty of maxi dresses to classic daily-wear shirts, to glittery sneakers and precious jewels, the light blue will illuminate our wardrobes with style and harmony.

Beblase light blue bag
Rosaspina light blue earrings
Jerelyn Creando light blue shoes
Aru light blue eyewear

Sugar paper color, powder color, cornflower ... blue in its light version is among the most popular colors of the moment. Sweet, pretty, it is perfect if chosen for your brand new swimwear (take a look at the Kinda 3D Swimwear creations), for your refined accessories, worn tor sur ton, combined in your outfits in pastel colors, yellow, pink, with lavender, white but also with the grit of red, the brilliance of green or the warmth of caramel.

A serene color for your looks and your days: are you ready to be inspired by our selection? Light blue of course!

Light blue maxi dress by Avavav
models with Urban Kimono
light blue shirt Pomandere
Light blue maxi dress by Amotea

The romance and femininity of the emerging Amotea brand meets the light blue in a soft maxi dress, a perfect piece for many occasions, while if you prefer Pomandère shirtdress has the right solution and shirt for you. Kimonorain instead opts for garments with a more street character while Susana Madrid uses this nuance in her floral ankle boots.

Do you love elegance, flowing lines and exclusivity? Choose Urban Kimono and you will enchant everyone.

Adelaide Carta orange pink and light blue cork bag
Silvia Guarnieri light blue shirt cufflinks
Orange and light blue bag by Amma
Light blue hairband by Bluetifulmilano

The sky is clear also on Avavav and its iconic Ruffle Dresses, a mix & match of volumes, silhouette and made in Italy of high quality: perfect if combined with the retro chic headband of Bluetiful Milano and a pair of sophisticated mules like those of Jerelyn Creado, darker and with silver details, or very light pastel light blue by Thread Milan. Do you prefer sneakers? Ghoud will make your outfits casual but glam.

Fuscra light blue wood bag
kimonorain light blue shirt
kimonorain light blue jacket
Ghoud light blue sneakers

To combine with a tor sur ton outfit or to create an interesting contrast, prefer light blue also for your bags. Which do we suggest? The bright and versatile Beblasé in double leather to be worn on the shoulder or by hand, the maxi and geometric Ice bag by Medea, the play of colors and the research of the materials of the timeless Amma bag, the beauty of the handbag with feather Lucia Merlo (in cover). Cork is the secret ingredient of the multifunctional Adelaide Carta which transforms itself from a belt bag, shoulder bag, clutch bag, to handbag while Fuscra creates its small elegant wooden casket.

Make your light blue looks even more precious and choose a jewel in this special color. Any suggestions? The handmade cufflinks by Silvia Guarnieri, the long hanging earrings inspired by the reflection of the sea by Rosaspina.

light blue Susana Madrid shoes with flowers
Medea light blue bag
Thread Milan light blue shoes
light blue Fabbricatorino sunglasses

Fashion fills our eyes... with light blue. Pastel and light blue tones for Fabbricatorino, colored lenses with Aru Eyewear.