If once for them (earrings) traveling in pairs was an essential rule of style, today fashion definitely changes trend. Like? With the mono earring.

Different for each ear or only one, the jewel that illuminates the face has fun messing with the rules. Small hoop earrings, maxi geometries, large ear cuffs that dress the ear with a simple click... the mono earring is declined in different shapes and variations, from the most elegant to the most rock.

Ear cuffs are certainly among the most popular mono earrings of all time: very easy to put on and take off, they have become a real must, adding a touch of grit and style to looks. Precious and sparkling in the version with stones, contemporary and trendy in maxi format, sophisticated and chic made with pearls and minimal lines... the ear cuff has long been at the center of fashion and trend, so much so that it resists the seasons and defines itself as a true cult.

But the ear cuff is just one of the mono earrings: in fact, mini and maxi variants alternate next to it. From small hoop earrings to be worn differently, to bright and single points of light, to very large earrings in a geometric shape with bright colors, to pendants, very long and feminine, often precious and bright.

With a single jewel, or rather a single earring, you can change your look and brighten your face. But how to combine it? By creating asymmetry, balance in the look must be studied: if minimal you can mix them with other jewels, if maxi aim for minimalism and avoid the too much effect.

So are you ready to find out what we have enclosed for you in our jewelry box? From the lobe up, "decorate" your ears well, choose from our proposals and make your every day precious. Discover now the jewels and single earrings made in Italy by emerging brands and independent artisans.