Ice white, magnolia or milk white…the colour of purity returns to the limelight and fashion gets illuminated in white! Yes, you’ve understood correctly, because it’s the colour that gets on well with practically everybody, and it won’t leave us as is the norm once summer comes to an end. In fact, it’s going to dress us (from head to toe!) even in the colder season.Ethereal, delicate and always so incredibly elegant. White is an evergreen that in this season will make its presence even more apparent to us, confirming itself amongst the biggest Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 trends. Not just coats, suits or feminine clothing but also accessories, bags, shoes and even jewellery!Don’t let the stereotypes or the old sayings win you over: “white is nice but only for summer”…. actually, there’s nothing less true! Yes, we know, it seems so perfect on the catwalks but then on a typical winter’s day it’s a real gamble. Worry not and take good note because this winter…White is the new black!Our proposals dress themselves in white, are you curious to discover them all?A seductive tube dress, a romantic midi, a shirtdress…the white dress can be an optimal and stylish solution in so many occasions. Except for another person’s wedding, obviously! Take a look at the soft, drapy dress by Act n°1, refined and contemporary; the more street-style dress by Martina Cella perfect everyday; the mystic and sophisticated woman dressed all in white by Alberto Zambelli.Do you want lightness? Then the total look signed by Gilberto Calzolari will do it for you: a very delicate shirt and wrap skirt with appliquéd flowers that reveal the legs with class. Want to leave everyone open-mouthed? Dare to! Put on a sophisticated pair of palazzo pants, together with a really light blouse like Alberto Zambelli, proposes, a seductive tux handmade in Italy by Sartoria 74, the feminine outfit by Federica Tosi, or the minimal elegance of the all-in-one by Valentina L Fontana. For a refined luxury, a new beauty. All white, obviously...just like the total outfit of Angelia Ami!And if you’re not a fan of half measures, choose white for your outerwear too. We’ve found two that we really like. That by Gilberto Calzolari is strong and decisive with lots of coloured details, zip and really soft collar; the super feminine coat by Martina Cellaplays in great style with its contrasting zebra print lining.But about the accessories…music and trends never change! Versatile and capacious, Der Aesthetik signs its bags in off white. On the same agenda (of colour!) there are also the clean geometries of Ottone Milano a delight for the eyes and for our looks…all-white and otherwise!And through the highs and lows, shoes don’t escape the white trend either. A true weapon of seduction, the décolletés by Les Jeux du Marquis become even more seductive in the version with the strap and whip, while Maiorano demonstrates white’s cleanliness in the harmonious but minimal lines of his architectural shoes, experimenting with shapes and with the heels. Can’t separate yourselves from sneakers? Choose Hide & Jack!White makes…precious: illuminate your look with truly original jewellery! White and in porcelain, the exclusive pieces by Silvia Guarnieri, innovative and unconventional are the bracelets and the rings by Nobahar Design Milano, and the very original ring by Khàrm Design with its sinuous and harmonious lines.