The expression The Dark Side can be attributable to a style? For us, absolutely! The Dark Side style characterizes a person wearing casually seemingly minimal garments that, however, conceal the impact details. It starts from the black passe partout for every occasion and every season. Elegant, sophisticated, discreet, the black never goes out of style and is one of the cornerstones of women's clothing, intriguing when paired with white, rock style when paired with silver accessories. Style Dark Side, mysterious and intriguing, consists of basic colors, mostly black and white, and is reflected in classic pieces deconstructed in a sophisticated manner.

Ob-Fashion presents The Dark SideThe store that best represents this unconventional taste is Antonioli, we have selected for you some innovative and refined pieces of contemporary taste by Andrea Incontri, Blume, Emanuele Bicocchi, Giorgio Brato, Ilariusss, Oscar Tiye, Redemption, Serienumerica, Voodoo Jewels and Ugo Cacciatori. If you want to do alternative shopping visit the store online Antonioli !

Credit Photo : Antonioli