Trench, Spring starts here. The historic outerwear continues to dictate fashion and trends, without losing its charm over the years. A key piece of the wardrobe, simple and so full of charm, that it has dressed, dresses and will surely dress entire generations, regardless of gender.

No longer just double-breasted, beige and in the timeless water-repellent cotton garbardine, but also declined in new models, which experiment with alternative materials and play with avant-garde shapes and silhouettes.

Oversized, deconstructed, monochrome, printed, waterproof, in denim… to make sure you don't make a mistake in the trench coat and make your style falter, read on and write down all our advice!

Fuchsia, red and orange striped trench coat
White trench coat knotted at the waist of Jing Yu
White trench coat with gray print by Jing Yu

Its chic and at times mysterious allure is linked to its history, long indeed very long, which began thanks to the intuition of Thomas Burberry who combined the trench coat with waterproof garbardine. A revolutionary discovery that not only led to the birth of the first Burberry raincoat but to the creation of a true and long-lived style icon.

No longer just men's and military outerwear, over the years the trench coat has conquered wardrobes and catwalks also thanks to the great film stars who have worn it in famous films: from Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Sophia Loren in The Key or even Meryl Streep in Kramer vs. Kramer.

A certainty, a look-saving garment to be used for mid-season on… every occasion. Well yes, because by following a few small tricks, all you need is a trench coat to combine with many different outfits.

Yekaterina Ivankova beige and jeans trench coat
Bav Tailor ice-colored trench coat
Beige hooded trench coat by Yojiro Kake

For your outfits for the office or more formal appointments, wear the trench coat in combo with a sheath dress, a pencil skirt + blouse, or a nice suit. And for casual looks? Green light for sporty chic: use the trench coat as outerwear on jeans and printed t-shirts, striped sweaters, iconic cotton shirts and also in mix and match on tracksuits, leggings and sweatshirts.

So what are you waiting for? Let the trench coat season begin again: discover the exclusive and made in Italy models that we have selected for you!