Paul Mémoir, Paul’s memory. In 2015 Paolo Fantuzzi created, with courage and determination, a brand that doesn’t hesitate to make its presence known and loved. An insatiable collector and incurable Art lover, Paolo draws from and is nourished by the past, reinterpreting it with new, modern and original language. Exclusive garments emerge amongst intense tones and irony, uniting tradition and the great classics with innovation and contemporary trend.Polyhedral, the designer mixes different forms of communication, in this way breathing life into new plots and messages. The protagonist is knitwear, the young brand’s distinctive trait that is also closely bonded with the quality and the manual arts of the tradition. Primary colours, embroidery, inlays and jacquard take their places in collections that revisit the knitted garment, from cardigans to turtlenecks; crewnecks to the polo. For every season an iconic element gets reinterpreted in Paul Mèmoir’s style: texturising, reinventing with print, geometric patters, pop events and of course a little healthy irony. The past returns knocking on our door, now fun and whimsical but at the same time conscious and wise, rich with a know-how of manufacture and high quality. Fine yarns are used, and the production process is loyal to Italian hand manufacture. Paul Mémoir dresses him and her with a wake of classic paradoxical, anti-conformist pieces.The Spring-Summer 2019 collection "California Dreaming", all designed by Paolo, pays tribute to California, the Golden State, the state where everything is possible. Hand embroidered T-shirts sport palm trees, stars and fringing; viscose pants, feminine skirts in tulle with contrasting knitted side seams, cardigans, polos refined by tastefully reworked collars; reversible bombers dress with images, prints and lots of colour. You can read the Utopia of the notorious American dream, seeing it through the clothes that distinguish themselves for their style, personality and uniqueness.