The pencil skirt is one of the key items in the women's wardrobe. Sensual and feminine, the pencil skirt is a perfect ally to live our days in style, from morning to night. Straight line, knee-length, fitted at the hips, it's a skirt that we all should have.

An iconic garment that has become increasingly loved over time, never, ever going out of style. It was the distant beginning of the 1900s when the well-known French couturier Paul Poiret claimed to have invented the long and tapered hobble skirt. It is said that its true origins, or in any case that it inspired Paul Poiret, was a very specific event in 1908: the first American woman to travel as a passenger by plane, Edith Hart O.Berg, wrapped a piece of string around her ankles to do not let her skirt inflate during the flight phase.


However, the hobble skirt was long and uncomfortable as it forced women to move and walk in small steps. However, this became essential to inspire many years later Cristian Dior and his famous H collection.

This is how the pencil skirt was born in 1954, with its iconic straight and tapered lines that enhanced and focused attention on the waist and hips. A garment that has made the history of fashion and that still continues to set trends today. Beloved by all, made immortal by the great says like the very elegant Grace Kelly, the beautiful Sophia Loren, the famous Marilyn, just to name a few.


A must-have protagonist today of perfect looks for the office when worn together with a soft blouse with a bow or a shirt in a light fabric such as satin. Or even for all the dailywear, you can try to combine 4 great classics: an essential turtleneck with slim shapes, the pencil skirt, knee-long boots with tapered toes, a sartorial maxi coat.

Do you want to make your pencil skirt more casual? Then have fun with knitwear and volumes: wear the tight skirt with a colorful and comfy maxi pullover or with a voluminous cardigan and a knit top. Any other idea? Combine the pencil skirt with a cotton shirt with a rigorous and masculine mood, embellished with many thin necklaces in gold tones and in different lengths, creating an interesting game of contrasts.

So are you ready to create your new look? Keyword: pencil skit!