Like the wardrobe, the jewelry box also has its own style rules. From the great classics to be handed down to creations with a contemporary mood, from gold to silver to experimenting with new materials, when it comes to jewelry you can be spoiled for choice... but for this very reason, be careful not to make mistakes!

Focus on great musts and have fun combining them with both casual and elegant outfits. Break the rules and let yourself be inspired by the mix and match, for exclusive and original style combinations. Never like now, with Christmas coming, the moment is magical, time is precious… just like the jewels we have selected for you: don't wait, discover them now and choose them for your Christmas holidays!

Among our first selected jewels there are the… maxi! Whether they are rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, the diktat is only one, whether they are maxi. The jewels become real sculptures to wear, protagonists. Combine them with minimal looks if you want to wear them during the day as a midi dress with a linear silhouette, a tailored suit or a jeans and blazer combo; choose one and important for the evening, with more elegant looks.


Another great must, beloved for seasons now, is the chain. As a necklace, as a bracelet and even as earrings, to be worn together or alone, chains cannot be missing in the jewelry box. A touch of style that manages to make the difference in the look: combined with a very simple white shirt, a silk blouse or a turtleneck sweater will immediately make you chic.

To make your Christmas holidays more precious, choose and wear the chevalier ring. To be worn not only on the little finger, the chevalier ring today becomes an indispensable accessory: in gold, silver, with stones, bold... choose the one you love the most, always carry it with you, even alone, the chevalier ring will be able to embellish any look.


We all have at least a string. What are we talking about? Obviously, some pearls. A great classic, one of the jewels par excellence that has continued to fascinate for generations. Today, more than ever, pearls are living a new era, destined not only for bon ton and lady-like combinations, but also mixed with more rock and contemporary styles, free from formality.

And last but certainly not for beauty there are them, the "new jewels". Experimentation, upcycling, use of raw materials destined for waste and transformed with long craft processes into new beautiful creations: leather necklaces, maxi bracelets, pieces of art to wear every day. A seal of love, a love for jewels and made in Italy: time is precious, discover our selection right away.