AltaRoma with the CIRCLE collection writes a new page of sustainable fashion, highlighting the young voices of the sector that respond to the environment-saving call of these days.

Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition opens its seventh edition today. The exhibition, which will end on Sunday 20 October, includes the presentation of the CIRCLE collection among the numerous exhibitions. brain, innovation and a lot of creativity, these are the values ​​affirmed by the line with its green charm.

AltaRoma creates <R3>CIRCLE: look by Italo Marseglia, long black dress and printed coat
AltaRoma creates <R3>CIRCLE: men's footwear by Zingales

The philosophy of the collection is interpreted by the Italian brand Fili Pari with the design of garments characterized by a peculiar patented membrane, the Veromarmo membrane, a wearable microfilm made from the marble dust that gives the garment the basic color. The brand is characterized by the minimal, comfortable and lively style of every design. Italo Marseglia instead with his homonym demi-couture brand reworks the theme with high-end pieces that make upcycling their hallmark. Drapes, full colors and textures accentuate a harmonious femininity in the movement, essential is the know-how of the Italian sartorial tradition. Nature, tradition and style come together in the clean lines of the Woobag, delicacy of leather, the scent of wood, its veining and tactile sensation make each model unique. Vincenzo Zingales with his footwear brand Zingales redefines the boundaries of luxury by creating elegant handmade cruelty-free men's shoes adopting the peculiar Goodyear methodology. Technology, comfort, innovation, respect for animals and people and eco-sustainability, these are the new synonyms of luxury proposed by the brand. Tiziano Guardini and his contemporary clothes flood the world of fashion with a new vision of Couture. Materials, shapes and workmanship are the result of a careful research and experimentation without frontier, his philosophy? ECOuture: the natural evolution of luxury that makes nature itself the starting point and the point of arrival. The beach-couture will instead be represented in the CIRCLE collection by the Repainted brand. A Made in Italy sustainability inspired by the ancient and precious Japanese art of Kintsugi. From it the brand learns to capture the beauty of imperfections and specializes in the production of a particular performing and technical material generated by the recovery of waste materials collected in the sea capable of resisting for example chlorine and salt. For more information visit the official website AltaRoma.