An art whose essence lies in the meaning that shapes the work, an investigation turned into emotional charismatic aesthetic experience: that's how we like to define in a few words the creations of Valentina Sciumè.

This young designer from Sicily, carried by the current of conceptual art, she creates her collections from an idea which broadens, deepens, she interprets and fashions creating innovative accessories. Valentina Sciumè , born in Agrigento in 1983, she graduated from the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome but before completing her studies already drew the line ready to wear Alberto Biani.

After significant work experience first in the design team of Costume National and then in producing women's accessories for the second lines of Versace, Versus and Versace Collection, in 2012 she decided to found her own brand Sciumè Accessories launching her first line of jewelry and hats.

Already in her first collection 2013/2014 Valentina Sciumè was noticed by senior fashion editor of Vogue, Sara Maino, and she is selected among the Vogue Talents 2013 finding to be confirmed for the 2014 edition. A success that it was not the blunder of a moment, but a strong recognition of the talent and personal style, sophisticated and innovative. In an exploration of mysterious worlds follow each other collections that transport us to a magica atmosphere.

All creations Sciumè accessories are handmade, unique pieces Made in Italy that give to the wearer a sophisticated allure, eccentricity unusual, enchanting beauty. Experimental forms and intriguing become the very definition of accessories to become, with Valentina Sciumè, protagonists of a unique style. For info