Silvia Guarnieri Contemporary Jewels, a jewel of brand! Small works of art made entirely by hand with refined precision and intense dedication. No strings of pearls or cascades of diamonds, but a lot of experimentation and creativity.This is how the architect Silvia Guarnieri, a lover of design and objects, has decided to approach the world of fashion accessories and launch her most important project: to create a line of porcelain jewelry. Innovative in form, crafted in quality, the Silvia Guarnieri Contemporary Jewels amaze for their beauty and win over substance. Original, different, unique. After working in the residential sector for individuals, she has participated and won many competitions and collaborated with well-known companies in the design sector, Silvia Guarnieri has embarked on a more intimate path immersing herself in a more artistic dimension, a space where she can freely express herself and her passion. And in the processing of porcelain she has found its highest expression, shaping each day in a different way that jewel that every woman wants.Sons of a long and precise production process, the Silvia Guarnieri Contemporary Jewels are worked with different techniques: some pieces are made by manipulating the material, others are obtained from a slab of porcelain laid with a rolling pin, others for casting in manually made molds. After drying, these are cooked at 950 °, glazed, annealed at 1250 ° and fired for the third time if finished with gold or platinum luster. Also for the last Juniper Precious capsule, Silvia Guarnieri has adopted this special processing technique, giving life to exclusive, artisan jewels, entirely Made in Italy.Here are the words of the eclectic designer : "We are inspired by nature in particular because it is an inexhaustible source of emotions, suggestions, compositional rules, aesthetics and functionality. We capture the significant element of the inspirational idea, imagine it, focus on its expressiveness and exalt it to make it readable and reproducible. We like to think that there is something recognizable in our jewels because they already belong to the imagination and memory of each of us".The Juniper Precious collection recalls, in the characteristic porcelain spheres and in their very precious three-cut incision, the juniper berries, from which the line takes its name. Sophisticated in black, elegant in white, with gold or platinum luster, the Silvia Guarnieri Contemporary Jewels are distinguished by a refined taste and an absolutely contemporary design. "New pearls" on rings, bracelets, chains, but also on versatile and sought-after necklaces to adapt to the body as if they were twigs full of juniper berries, vines that surround us, real sculptures to wear. In a refined material, a hidden treasure ... Silvia Guarnieri Contemporary Jewels! You can buy these wonderful creations HEREFor info