Skatò Design? From a word game, a game of bags ... the Skatò bags! It is by intuition and a healthy dash of irony that the designer Mariella Di Gregorio, founder of the brand, uses antiphrasis Skatò, Sicilian compost, to baptize her incredibile creations. Humor, or better, winning bag!

And just in opposition it rediscovers the personality of a young but craftsmanship brand, which finds in the contrasts its Ariadne's thread to creativity. Sicily, its many different colors, rugged cliffs, but also the sweetness of the sea. This, and more, is Skatò Design! Sicilian, art lover since childhood, Mariella Di Gregorio studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Palermo and then moved to Milan and work in the communication industry. Returning to her homeland, she gives free rein to her creativity imagining and designing the bag for you. Yes just for you.

Versatile, unique, roomy as needed for a woman always on the edge between comfort and aesthetics. A true delight ... already but for the eyes only!!! Thus it was born Wave Bag Collection, a capsule of unique pieces in precious leather entirely handmade by skilled artisans and characterized by adjustable handles to three lengths, with magnetic closures. Clean square lines dress funny skin curls, wave crests which lap and crashing on an angular and geometric coast.

From vitamin colors, citrusy until to pink, to green, to the timeless elegance of black. Suitable for any outfit, from jeans to cocktail dress, Skatò Design is the right bag at the right time, the inevitable accessory in every your look! To be chic on any occasion and always have with you the style ... just a bag! For info