The jewel as part of a project, the jewel as a creative dialogue between seemingly distant languages. Music, poetry, singing, mathematics, geometry, iconography, painting, natural sciences, dance inspire and intertwine in the form and essence of a brand that emerges for beauty and so much high quality. Its name? Spira Mirabilis Jewelry.

Born in 2013 from the creation and know-how of the Florentine artist and designer Francesca Grevi, this special brand 100% made in Italy contains in its treasures a story to discover and tell. Spira Mirabilis Jewels originates from a spiral of encounters, encounters with nature, relationships, as well as from so much healthy curiosity. It is the result of an important and intimate journey, a long individual research carried out with passion, dedication and great professionalism by the founder & designer Francesca who breathed air of the workshop and learned the craft from her artisan father.

A true jewel of a brand, where art and the territory live and coexist in harmony, integrating and becoming part of the identity itself. Within the walls of her immersive 18 workshop, in the pristine pleasant Conventino di Via Giano della Bella in Florence, new ideas and precious projects ferment: silver jewelry with natural mineral stones. Unique pieces that bear a new exclusivity, made up of research, materials, as well as design.

St. Hildegard Von Bingen, Galileo Galilei, Luca Pacioli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Beato Niels Stensen are some of the historical and great personalities of the past that inspire and breathe in the deep philosophy of the brand. A fruitful creativity that finds itself in matter, in the sound and in the light its form and its forms. From a sea urchin a ring, from a feather an earring, from gems and minerals... Jewelry!

Hands, inventiveness and a long time are the basic ingredients of a recipe or better than a "conceive the jewel" that stands out and emerges among others, among many others. Making himself recognized in style, with a style equal only to himself. Spiramirabilis Jewels emphasizes aesthetics as well as substance: in perfect harmony, lines and stones design capsules and collections capable of meeting the contemporary taste of fashion without giving up the spontaneous beauty of nature craft.

"You can build something beautiful even with the stones you find in your path.” J. W. Goethe

The materials offered by Nature combine with the noble being of silver, always giving rise to a jewel, a joy, a different experience. All to live and wear: discover the creations by Spira Mirabilis Jewels.