Studio Line Bijoux: in the jewelry box ... the necklace I want! The less with the less you do, the not precious with the precious that makes the original, the tradition with the innovation that makes the difference.Lightweight, eco-friendly and mix of sophisticated materials, the Studio Line Bijoux jewelery are the result of constant experimentation and study.Against current, against any convention, designer Margherita Pettinato chooses springs, washers and unusual materials to create and create exclusive products. Cutting, reworking, adding and destroying. So from different objects, industrial raw materials, things destined for anything else Margherita can mix and invent a contemporary jewel, the jewel Studio Line Bijoux. Each piece is unique, each piece is different, each piece is made entirely by hand.Artist outside and inside the Studio Line Bijoux brand, Margherita Pettinato graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. The passion for painting has always been a constant in her life, but for a few years the jewelery and fashion accessories have also become part of it. In fact, in 2013, she founded her Studio Line Bijoux brand. Starting from what she likes most, Margherita begins to design voluminous but never heavy necklaces. Pleasures to bring the Studio Line Bijoux jewels create new combinations, mix and mix without ever losing sight of the importance of lightness.No tendencies or dictates of style but a free and artistic interpretation of the jewel and desires of the woman who will wear it. There are so many lines, lots of ideas, lots of necklaces. Yes because Studio Line Bijoux designs and creates almost exclusively necklaces. Plastic, transparencies, silver touches for the collection dedicated to white, wires and braids for the design collection, and Origami's "jewelery clothes". Sinuous and soft are the forms of the Nature capsules, brightly colored by the Argento Vivo collection bijoux. Long, round neck, pendants or collars ... necklaces to collect, necklaces to be admired, necklaces to show off. The Studio Line Bijoux necklaces. For info