Long-lived, iconic, a great wardrobe classic. Like the t-shirt, jeans or the little black dress, the suit is one of the garments that marked and changed the history of fashion. Revolutionary, now synonymous with style and elegance, the suit earns a special place in our wardrobe, not knowing time or seasons.

Its origin is associated with John Redfern who in 1885 created one for the Princess of Wales. The garment was designed to be worn in the morning hours and featured typical clothing elements such as a waistcoat or tie.

But it was the great genius of Coco Chanel, a few years later, who reinterpreted this garment which later became iconic, making it comfortable and elegant at the same time. The fit, the freedom, the movement were the focal points for Chanel who chose linear and clean shapes for the suit, which did not constrain the body with a straight knee-length skirt and a jacket with pockets, made with soft and functional materials such as jersey, the shirt, the famous tweed.

Not only in a jacket and skirt combo, the suit becomes a symbol of female emancipation when many divas begin to wear it in the only male version at the time, that is jacket and pants. First of all Marlene Dietrich, making a sensational sensation. Suffice it to say that until the 1950s, women who wore trousers could even be arrested.

The history of the suit and fashion have led this garment to be among the cult items of the wardrobe even today. From the great Yves Saint Laurent and his first women's tuxedo in 1966 to Giorgio Armani who interprets the suit with a new style, deconstructing the jacket and transforming the famous suit in the 1980s into the symbol of a career woman.

Even today, generations and years later, the suit is one of our favorite garments. In different fabrics, colors and shapes, it is proposed in different models according to the occasions of use: more minimal and sober for the office, colorful and glam at the weekend, very elegant and cared for down to the last detail for the evening and events special.

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