Cropped, oversized, or so maxi that you can even wear it as a mini dress; with or without hood, super pop and in bold nuances, or essential, dark and minimal; with lettering, prints, logos or single-colour… Right now there is no doubt: the sweatshirt is one of the most desired, loved and worn must-haves with different outfits and styles.

The cult item of sportswear breaks the rules and has fun with combinations: mix and match that combine comfort with chic for a new interesting version of style, versatile and iconic.

Borrowed from sportswear, the sweatshirt has become a look-saving passe-partout: no longer just the garment to wear to the gym or in more casual situations, it looks great mixed in glamorous and trendy outfits. Any suggestions?

First of all think about the occasion of use. If you want to wear the sweatshirt to the office, combine it with pieces usually intended for workwear: a soft blazer, cigarette or palazzo pants, over a shirt with a feminine and romantic collar. Prefer the crewneck sweatshirt without a hood, opt for a soft and neutral color palette such as grey, cream, midnight blue, beige and avoid writing or large logos.

If, on the other hand, you want to wear the sweatshirt in a chic way but outside the office, green light for bold colors, prints and originality. Have fun combining oversized sweatshirts with pencil skirts or the hooded variants with light midi pleated skirts for an interesting and trendy match.

Do you want to create an exclusive but more casual look? Combine the maxi hooded sweatshirt with a pair of straight jeans and a long tailored coat or choose a matching sweatshirt and trousers combined with a jacket, elegant handbag and precious jewels. For a style-proof mix and match!

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