The T-shirt is key piece that can transform any outfit, from morning to evening but also from evening to morning. We like it because it encloses the power of simplicity, together with a communicative capability.” With these words, the words of Federico and Marco the founders of Spendthrift, we describe one of those cult garments that changed fashion, and a generation. James Dean, Marlon Brando and other celebrities in the 50s made the white T-shirt a real storm. To be owned, to be worn.Its short sleeves, crew-neck and classic shape decree its name, T-shirt: it carries change and rebellion, the voice of the young movements. Over time it’s become a timeless trend; the T-shirt isn’t missing from any wardrobe, even the most elegant ones. In fact its versatility has rendered it an easily wearable and combinable garment, for increasingly more diverse occasions. Black, white, coloured, printed, with or without lettering, the T-shirt is a canvas through which to express and communicate thoughts and messages.There are so many on the market but if you’re looking for a truly particular type…Spendthrift is the one that could do it for you! Young, ironic, fashionable, the iconic T-shirt interpreted in different ways and designs by this emerging brand has struck at first sight since 2014 for its artfulness and creativity. Pop, rock contaminations and hipster influences bring alive a gallery of surprising personalities that become the protagonists of these exclusive T-shirts. From Van Gogh to La Gioconda, all the way to Marilyn or smileys just to name a few, through transformations Spendthrift re-elaborates prints and images, proposing a different, unique version.Fashion, Art and style mix together in 100% made in Italy garments, where quality is present in every detail. For him and her alike, Spendthrift T-shirts are dedicated to those enterprising, dynamic spirits that are determined to emerge in their good taste and originality. For those who live outside the norms, who love freedom and Art in all of its expressions. Distinguish yourself, choose your Spendthrift T-shirt here!