The temporary space of the ex Dogana, with its archeology station, was the setting for a perfect presentation of Talents 2016, the young designer the prestigious Accademia di Moda e Costume. The event on the calendar of AltaRoma, like every year is the first real professional debut for Talents 2016 selected last July by a technical commission. A moment of intense and exciting as only a "first time" can be. A moment that contains years of experimentation, that sees the eyes and the spotlight on the result of an intense personal and creative.


A jury of the highest quality that stimulates and challenges the individual identified with the creative work. The atmosphere is that of the great occasions in a frenetic atmosphere and sparkling present their style the Talents 2016: Flavia Colantoni, Andrea Di Salvo, Ilaria Fiore, Livia Francese, Sharon Journo Barda, Maria Martyashkina, Federica Melpignano, Svetlana Nadezhdina, Deniza Nugnes, Eleonora Olivieri, Heida Oskardottir, Federica Rabito, Francesca Richiardi, Martina Scattarella, Saima Shakoor. Fifteen collections fueled by talent, flair and personality with extreme freedom of application in all areas: man, woman and accessories.

Triumph and jury award for Ilaria Fiore with her collection "Magda". Original and immediate, structured garments and ambivalent enriched by the presence of the accessory that complements and blends with clothing by adding value, both aesthetically and functionally. For a woman to the excess female but pragmatic. Not only creativity, but also and above all talent. Talent is a natural gift but must be cultivated with the study and knowledge, so as to find the maximum expression. That's the role of the Accademia di Moda e Costume: develop creative identity, foster originality and comparison.

Written by Virginia Fontò

For info: Accademia Costume e Moda - Altaroma

Photo Credits: Salvatore Dragone-Gianluca Palma - Luca Sorrentino - Ansa