Choosing the perfect gift for Him is always hard, we know it, but you don't have to panic this time, with our tips the shopping will be ethereal.

As anticipated "a few posts ago" in The Gift, the perfect gift for Her,Christmas is coming. And as we have already revealed some of our tricks up our sleeve to show off as a gift idea for Her, now it's theri time: dad, brother, best friend and him, the boyfriend ... what a drama!

How to survive the dilemma of "what should I giving him now"? Keep on reading and take a peek at our proposals ...

State-of-the-art sneakers for those who love walking through the downtoen streets, oversize sweatshirt with irreverent prints (that should be stolen, of course, to show off a toyboy look without them knowing), t-shirts to dress them in more casual outfits, or green light to accessories as a backpack, in leather or fabric, and pop glasses for a more fancy style.

Let us guide you through our proposals, no doubt, you will find the perfect gift for him ... because when Santa Claus is no where to be found, we will take care of it!

The Gift, the perfect gift for him: Spendthrift sweatshirt, black sweatshirt with graphic detail.


Graphic Epsilon sweatshirt – Spendthrift

A passpartout: black and oversized sweatshirt with a twist! The graphics ... fun and bold they are made by hand. Spendthrift does not disappoint and instead offers a pop style without sacrificing comfort.

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: high-top Luca Berioli sneakers, with high sole, in white leather with black logo detail


White sneakers High-H.Skin - Luca Berioli

A great classic that cannot fail to reign in his wardrobe. Sneakers worked in leather, of a candid white that suit itself to be paired with every look, from the most decisive to the most elegant. With them victory is guaranteed!

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: Çamarche socks, white with black and yellow horizontal stripes and black writing


Soft Root Yellow Socks - Çamarche

Warm, minimal, trendy ... in short, indispensable! Why not face the cold December wind in style? Çamarche has come up with accessories worthy of being the true protagonist of every outfit.

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: sunglasses by Rewop, frame and lenses of a pale yellow.


Murano Yellow sunglasses - Rewop Milano

Playful and meticulously curated in every detail, the Christmas gift that will walk him all year around wityh style. A lively daytime look or a bonton evening, the Rewop Milano glasses are the essential touch to light up any outfit without ever being boring.

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: Atpcal backpack, spacious two-toned with front zipper and side pockets.


Spacious Asphalt Texture Backpack - Atpcal

For the man always on the go, for the one who makes functionality his truth ... Atpcal responds with practical backpacks characterized by clean and elegant lines: an excellence must of 2019 strictly made in Italy!

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: black Çamarche joggers with yellow logo detail


Comfy Drive Joggers - Çamarche

The winter uniform par excellence could not forget about joggers ... Versatile, soft, to combine with maxi denim jackets and sneakers, Çamarche joggers, with their distinguishable detail of the colored logo are an indispensable alternative.

The Gift, the perfect gift for Him: the scent of Mendittorosa


The Duo South perfume - Mendittorosa

Intimate, precious, fresh, it reminds of long-distant memories dispersed in the mind: the scent of Mendittorosa with its unique fragrance and its sought-after notes, is the right key to win his heart.

The Gift, the perfect gift for him: Spendthrift white t-shirt with short sleeves and graphic detail on the chest.


Graphic Tshirt XI - Spendthrift

Daring, avant-garde, the Spendthrift model brings an innovative interpretation of the classic t-shirt to the scene, paying homage to art and graphic design. Modern and by no means taken for granted, it dresses the one who loves his clothes to do the talking about himself.