The Good Machinery is a brand of unique and unrepeatable jewelry made entirely by hand with resins that are mixed giving an ever-changing result. The emphasis is therefore placed on the creative moment, innovation and craftsmanship experimentation.

The Good Machinery is a brand created by Desanca Ilić, designer and artist of Balkan origin who lives in Italy. With passions ranging from painting to graphic design, from furniture to accessories, in 2013 Desanca Ilić began working the first jewelery collection inspired by nostalgic childhood memories.

The line of accessories The Good Machinery consists of two collections: Asphalt Series represents the hardness of asphalt, the colors of a metropolitan city, the defilements to which we are subject, the collection Lithium explores the stability present in the movement and consists of 13 models made with 5 colors that blend and appear always different.

Jewelry made unique by the unexpected, material details not replicable, handmade rings and bracelets with unconscious skill. Between the contemporary and the decadence The Good Machinery jewelery express a state of mind contrasting, solid lightness, harmonious disorder, that the designer loves to express with a quote from a song by Brian Eno "Honor your mistakes as a hidden intention."

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