A breath of wind in the Manhattan of the 50s, a charming Marilyn Monroe and the iconic white pleated dress that rises in the air between the fingers of the femme fatale, who powerlessly try to tame it. A cult image in the history of cinema that has crossed the borders of the screens and has reaffirmed on the catwalks of haute couture and city centers a must in the feminine wardrobe: the plissé.

He, unquestionably he, with his romantic and graceful lines makes every woman fall in love. To inspire this noble technique, Egypt, land of sculptures and design. Season after season he has courted us, enchanted, seduced us but ... never left us! In 1909 Mariano Fortuny wrote one of our favorite pages of fashion working the plissé on long tunics.

The pleated skirt is a passpartout for every woman, symbol of beauty and refinement: metallic midi or seductive lengths of black fabric that drop lightly on the body, comfortable and cheeky for the day and glam for a grand soirée. So versatile and iconic that even accessories couldn't be able to resist it! Pleats and ripples in fact, if worked on leather, give a bold and unapologetic look.

One fold after the other, the pleat leaves us suspended between a retro allure and the modernity of our days. What are you waiting for? Choose from our proposals and turn into real divas!

The Look Plissé: long black pleated skirt by Apnoea


Soft Asymmetric Skirt - Apnoea

Black, soft, long, but above all versatile. Naturally, plissè and high-waisted, the skirt by Apnoea dresses the most diverse feminine curves and it suitable both for day and evening looks: a comfortable and trendy must-do not miss!

The Look Plissé: revisited t-shirt with ruffles and pleating on the sleeves by Apnoea.


Revisited t-shirt Plissé White - Apnoea

Romantic and ironic, the t-shirt in jersey by Apnoea is reinterpreted with ruffles and pleats to no end. In a pure white, it is ideal if combined with jeans for your everyday look!

The Look Plissé: leather collar by Maison Dressage.


Collar in vegetable tanned leather Roissy Collar - Maison Dressage

Rigorous regular ripples that follow each other meticulously: a cutting-edge accessory, which dares and transforms vegetable-tanned leather into a bold collar. An irreverence style entirely made in Italy.

The Look Plissé: perfume by Mendittorosa


Perfume The Trilogy- Id - Mendittorosa

Essential and effortless, just like our plissé garments! Its fragrance speaks of his land, it is explosive but at the same time docile, inspired by the Iddu volcano. The scent of Mendittorosa is ready to wrap your sweet pleats.

The Look Plissé: vegetable tanned leather bracelet by Maison Dressage.


Vegetable tanned leather bracelet Roissy Cuff - Maison Dressage

Sensual and bold, the Maison Dressage bracelet has the right amount of originality and class. Massive and imposing to be noticed; precious and obviously made in Italy.

The Look Plissé: pleated leather shopper bag by Kristina C.


Spacious leather bag Plissé Market - Kristina C

Soft to the touch, spacious and functional, but above all ... plissé! Versatile, with removable handle, the bag transforms as yu please to accompany you into the frenzy of everyday life.