Whether it's a real vintage garment kept in the attic by yourmother or the bag of an emerging brand with an antique allure, the retro style is back and it doesn't seem willing to leave us that quickly (luckily for us)! 

From the 70s to the 90s, from the most sought-after catwalks to those long (exaggeratedly long) metres of red carpet walked by the most talked about celebrities up to online and offline stores, fashion is constantly inventing and reinventing itself, the trends oflong distant eras become an imperative of the contemporary and from the past, timeless garments and accessories are back in vogue.


A fashion that lives and revives eras, seasons, moments. Adding, removing, always leaving a mark, something extra. Never getting tired.

Retro looks are therefore today the new trend, the new fashion. The one made not by flash trends but by cults that do not pass and will never pass. A contemporary retro, full of glam, elegance and versatility.

From high-waisted trousers to pencil skirts, from the handbag with a rigid handle to the bon ton headband, from flared jeans to blazers with padded shoulder straps: iconic images that come to life today in the new collections and in our wardrobes. Because everything is back in fashion!

New creations with a vintage mood, retro-style creations that wink at the contemporaneity of our days. Looks with a retro charm declined in modern times, worn in modern times, today more versatile and more functional.

Thus the pencil skirt is worn with a maxi cardigan, trousers are combined with tailored jackets, cuissardes boots are worn with heavy tights and voluminous sweaters, rounded headbands are worn as a glam accessory during the day, shirts with bows replace the more classic on the days when we feel more romantic.

Discover our selection of made in Italy garments and accessories made by artisan brands and emerging designers and create your own timeless contemporary look with that timeless touch of retro charm!