Here it is the new collection of Damai backpacks: elegant, simple lines, as if to remind the small sculptures, but at the same time comfortable and modular, as other accessories of the Florentine brand. Available in two different forms, triangle and rectangle, the backpacks that Damai launches April 26 in pre-order and special price (199 € instead of 250 € for two weeks) are composed of an outer shell in saffiano leather (scarlet red, gray feather or black) and an inner bag of various colors, applied with hinges practices, which thus allow the replacement in a simple and fast.
In contrast to canonical backpacks that have the opening and pockets externally, the new Damai backpacks are opened in the inner bag, to leave their own "clean" the external forms, as in a polidromi game. Beautifully detailed to satisfy the most glamorous and chic but also comfortable use for work and leisure, the two backpacks are unisex and you can easily change shape and color by replacing the inner bag.
"Still a modular possibilities" says Mauro Fabbri, owner of Damai "element that characterizes the entire line Essence. I love the backpacks so I for one have been waiting eagerly the launch of these new products. And on the other hand are engineer so I immediately appreciated the intersection of the lines, derived forms and especially this double soul of the backpack: clean, geometric lines outside, convenient bag and practical inside ... as in an architectural project! "
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