Colorful buckets, elegant clutches, maxi bags ideal to carry with you all day. Among the TONIA® bags we can read the Italian style, the beauty of the Italian style.

TONIA® is a young brand it is true, indeed very young, but which has its roots in a family history full of art, tradition and savoir-faire. Founded in 2019 by Antonia Tramontano, creative director, with personality, the brand establishes itself in the world of accessories.

A timeless aesthetic links handcrafted models like a common thread: ideal bags for all women who are looking for something exclusive. The close link between art, family and Neapolitan culture reinforces TONIA® creations, making them strong with a story to tell and now also wear.

Simone Tessadori total look
Simone Tessadori total look

Antonia Tramontano takes inspiration from her childhood, from her life: grown up among the machines, the manual skill of the workers, the leather of the artisan workshop of her grandfather Aldo Tramontano, an important stylist and artist.

A world where Antonia immediately felt at home, a world she fell in love with, so much so that she now founded her own brand: TONIA®. The brand, like a real family brand, has an eight-petal flower as its logo, which her grandfather had painted in a work for her.

Never as in TONIA®, tradition and modernity come together: day after day, this young made in Italy reality evolves while remaining in balance, indeed finding its balance between past and future.

The essentiality of the lines is mixed with precious and carefully selected materials such as the very soft and resistant calfskin or the wonderful trimmings that embellish bags with style and tradition. Sky blue, intense yellow, pink, butter, burgundy… choose your favorite color and TONIA® here!