Knowing what we wear is not only important today but necessary. A radical change of habits towards a lifestyle that is attentive to the environment and its protection has become urgent. Trame di Stile, with its sustainable fashion, has opened up to all this. Interpreting and representing a change that cuts the bridges with a surplus of production and environmental toxicity, now to be treated.

woman suit white trame di stile
black blouse trame di stile

A women's clothing brand that looks and invents a new, its own fashion with conscious eyes. Its garments are made in Italy. Each step is followed and carried out by the brand. From weaving the thread to making the model. Research and experimentation with materials occupy a special place in the creative process of Trame di Stile. The fabrics used are in fact natural, first choice, selected for their excellent quality and wearability.

Nettle blouses, hemp cardigan, organic cotton top. For Trame di Stile, form does not ignore substance. And its eco-sustainable fashion. Many natural fabrics, in addition to high quality, have some peculiar characteristics. They are breathable, temperature controllers, antimicrobial, UV protection, resistant over time. Thanks to their vegetable dye, the color is fixed without the use of chemicals.

Trame di Stile therefore manages to combine design and tailoring with sustainability, proposing not a way but a philosophy of dressing. Our choices have an impact and this brand knows it well. Contributing to the green fashion revolution.

black long dress trame di stile
black suit trame di stile

Essential lines and delicate colors meet a femininity that is attentive to the smallest details, which breaks the mold surprising with unexpected details. From the rigor of the double-breasted jackets to the lightness of the blouses rich in intertwining and fabric games. Discover the Trame di Stile creations and choose an aesthetically beautiful and ethically correct fashion.