Vagamè: the outfit that knows fashion, fashion who knows you. To be every day what you are, or why not ... what you want! Beside the tailored dress, besides the tailoring dress, the exclusive Vagamè garments have all the taste of research but the freshness of improvisation. Of transformation! The shapes are studied, the materials are original, the details are absolutely guessed.You just do not really have enough, but ... behind your quick click, you hide the time and the will of a creative binomial that without needle and thread has challenged the trends of a constantly changing world, just Vagamè! And while Pamela moves between designs, Federica is committed to keeping accounts in a game of equal blood but different talents.A magnet in the right place, a movement to do the magic, the sleeves that are now and then poufff ... but where are they? You thought it was a piece, but instead ... No, no, because your Vagamé becomes a trouser, which then becomes a knit then what then and then .. It's up to eight, ask and you'll get what you want! Born in 2013 in their Spoleto, Vagamè continues collection after collection to fascinate us and transform!In the new "Alchimia" collection, the creativity on the board becomes even higher and the result is absolutely winning. Aikido is renewed in a more sophisticated elegance, Bloom smells of '50, gray lights up, bengaline orange blends with a capsule of versatile and fun textiles. It looked like a collar but now it's a turban, it was a waistcoat but now it's a sweater, close the zipper that you will get a skirt from the hood.Smart as the woman of today, fast as our lives, contemporary as the latest trends. Say goodbye to what I put, to the lockers wrapped in the shopping bag, to the fast changing in bathrooms without mirrors. Whether it's the morning or the hour of tea, whether it's an elegant appointment or a dinner party with friends ... to your look, think Vagamè! In a few days on sale on our SHOP ONLINE