"Well, what should I wear today?" How many times in the morning have we repeated this sentence in front of our wardrobe. So many. How many times will we repeat it again? As many.

Skirt or pants, heels yes or no heels, coat or down jacket, vitamin color or minimalist black? Torn between the desire to feel good, dressed well but also at ease in "our shoes", we are often if not always undecided about what to wear. But who said that style and functionality cannot mix? Never before have casual and chic gone more in love and in harmony!

So... What's new? Get inspired by our new products and create your next daily wear look!

Wear it on the weekend, in your free time, for a shopping session. Focus on cult items to be used as a jolly on different occasions, choose some refined pieces, make everything even more special with your taste and with original combinations.


Heart Knitted Sweater – GCDS.

What's new? The turtleneck sweater, slim fit, black and red by GCDS. Create a truly exclusive or rather heart-pounding daily wear look! Match it with high-waisted jeans, knitted pants, leather joggers. With its special heart-shaped design and lurex threads it is perfect to illuminate even the most basic outfit with style!


Belt Bag – Gioa Fashion Designer.

Irresistibly casual, irresistibly chic. The belt bag made in Italy by the young Gioa brand is ideal for daily wear looks. Versatile, elegant, comfortable, it is inspired by the art nouveau screen printing typical of the historic villas of Palermo. Wear it as you want: at the waist like a pouch, crossed over the shoulder is the accessory that ... makes the difference!


Double Sunglasses – FABBRICATORINO.

Gritty, colorful, cool. This eyewear model by FABBRICATORINO mixes craftsmanship and trend. The contrast and vivacity of the colors combined with the iconic geometric shape makes them a real must have. To show off for your most refined daily wear looks, of course!


Exploro Earrings – Dea Rail.

Enhance your daily wear! Hoops earrings are back in fashion it is true but what do you think about opting for something more particular? Like the Exploro by Dea Rail which are inspired in their concept by the ancient Mayan pyramids.


Malavoglia Red Sneakers – Luca Berioli.

All the comfort of a sneakers, all the style of a unique and refined shoe. What are you waiting for? Take a step forward and choose Luca Berioli.


Cashmere Leggings Black – I Rocchi Cashmere.

Give yourself a sweet style cuddle! Choose the softness of cashmere and combine it with a great evergreen: I Rocchi Cashmere leggings are ideal to wear on many occasions. Craftsmanship, quality, functionality, beauty... All in one garment!