Wo/Man Italian Style : shop event, top event! In the fashion quadrilateral, there is air of ... novelty! On May 27th and 28th, from 11.00 to 24.00 on Saturday and from 11.00 to 20.00 on Sunday, in the exclusive atmosphere of Atelier Corso Como 5, the focus is on the young, excellent reality.

Twenty innovative and independent designers will tell their brands and concepts through 100% Made in Italy products. Here are the protagonists: EEVYE, Alef, Liò Factory, Rm913, Cintae Milano, Gatti a Pois, Silvia Guarnieri, Us#Bag, Hogi Milano, Lampooni, Rraro, Bram, Elena Capra, Toodog, Duedipicche, La Mosca Bianca, Mariantonella Leone, Dieci Guanti, Annagramma, Mandulis.

Bags, jewelery, glasses: from brilliant ideas, fascinating creations! Wo/Man Italian Style is the appointment, the perfect answer for an audience, constantly attentive to quality and uniqueness, hunting for the best piece that can draw your look thanks to the help of industry experts such as Carlo Sinesi Fashion Stylist and GLIX.

But not only. Wo / Man is also a workshop, relax in style. In fact, The Wool Shop team will involve the public in a "direct" knitting, creative new yoga.

In addition, in collaboration with charitystars.com, from May 15 to June 2, Wo / Man will support the Mani Tese Onlus with an online auction where you can buy unique accessories, donated by designers. Do not miss it!!!