The founders of the ZEROUNDICI eyewear brand are two brothers. Daniele and Simone Testatore in fact launched their brand in 2016 with determination and passion. A project born from the love for design, for fashion and for their own city, Turin, which lives in their creations. The frames are in fact inspired by the post-industrial architecture of the place, its ferment, its dynamism, its urban views. Experimentation animates the exclusive ZEROUNDICI eyewear pieces, which, starting from the name itself, find a link with Turin: 011 is the telephone area code.

The old "Factory of Italy", remembered in the stylized logo of the brand, is told in its evolutionary side, in its recent past when from the 2006 Olympics it began to bring out all the creativity it had and has within itself.

ZEROUNDICI eyewear adds the careful selection of high quality materials, the precious Italian craftsmanship, the constant attention to detail to the design studied and designed to express its identity. A mix that manages to bring out the brand with balance and professionalism, characterizing it and distinguishing it from all the others despite its young age.

transparent sunglasses ZEROUNDICI eyewear
black sunglasses ZEROUNDICI eyewear
tortoiseshell sunglasses ZEROUNDICI eyewear

Finalist of Who Is On Next?2020, ZEROUNDICI eyewear is not just a name but a new look into the world of eyewear: a premium product told with innovation, where quality is not an opinion but an indisputable truth. From the study of Turin's urban development and the emancipation of modern and post-industrial architecture, the new ZEROUNDICI eyewear collection is born, which increasingly distinguishes the brand: the CIT TURIN model is for example inspired by the neighborhood in which Renzo Piano designed the first city skyscraper. The geometries recur in all the models of the brand, which capture the eye with a captivating style and never leave it.

A dialogue, a continuous and creative exchange with the territory, an intelligent way of treasuring one's roots and growing by building one's own precious personality. Change your perspective, discover ZEROUNDICI eyewear and see things in a new way.