Beblasé | when sagacity and style meet in a bag

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Bags that speak different languages, bags with a simple but at the same time enigmatic architecture … Beblasé, a stratagem of style.

The vision, soon transformed into a successful brand, bears the cast of Cristiana Pellegrino and Giovanna Cascella. Two women so different from each other yet so similar and capable of reflecting their selves in the characteristic stylistic feature of their handbags.

So what happens when the meticulous rigor of an architect meets the dynamic soul of a communicator? The barriers are overcome, reality becomes fantasy and the most hidden imaginaries come out into the open, materializing in the design of bags that are anything but conventional.

An artistic journey in which each accessory crosses the history and tradition of design to get to the present, to the contemporary world with essential volumes and refined textures.

The purity of geometries and shapes narrates a functional stylistic streak. Long production processes and peculiar artisan techniques create an interlocking of counterweights and thoughtful contrasts. Beblasé was born.

“One bag two moods.”

The brand’s creations are the result of an ingenious patent. Leather is undoubtedly the undisputed muse of the young brand’s collections and is worked by master craftsmen in Venice in such a way as to allow a double portability. A single flap with two different leathers… and in a single gesture the bag is trasformed. These are real objects of design in which an unprecedented philosophy flows relentlessly. Cuts and trimmings surround the recognizable silhouette of the Beblasé models.

The mission? To change with you! The enterprising founders of the label have created bags that offer new interpretation formulas of a thousand-veiled femininity

Handbags in the petite version, to be carried on the shoulder, rectangular or semicircle or more capacious ones perfect for the office and to accompany the modern woman on her busy days. All embraced by whispered colours in games of neutrals ranging from beige to cognac, from pure white to resolute black with accents of metallic and purple shades.

Beblasè: just the name itself knows how to conquer you with closed eyes . Fully aware, careful to perceive the intimate essence of things, this is the definition of disenchanted, this is Beblasè. Thus the brand is a pure invitation to take every step with a spirit … blasé.

Style abounds while unnecessary tinsels stand aside for an essential, but above all intelligent imprint. Centimeters of personality, a lot of refinement and comfort. Be a Lady Beblasè too, and discover the creations.

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