Roi du Lac | a French name, an Italian soul

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An Italian made, a cosmopolitan soul. So we could start our journey in Roi du Lac, a brand that has made the world a place to explore with body and mind. Inspirations, landscapes, places but also imagination and fantasy are captured in the colors and hand-drawn prints, then sewn with art and tailoring in elegant and sophisticated garments.

Finalist of the upcoming and important Who Is On Next? 2020, scouting project presented by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, Roi du Lac has been noted since its debut. Behind its curious French name lies an exclusively Italian brand with a Scottish heritage. Its translation? King of the lake.

Founded in 2016 by Marco Kinloch Herbertson and his wife Antea Brugnoni Alliata, Roi du Lac has established itself in the home decor sector for the beauty of its original handmade designs, its wallpapers and its fabrics. Today the brand boasts a refined ready-to-wear line for women and one for men and women accessories that are characterized precisely by hand-drawn prints, by the combination of colors, by very selected fabrics and by the typically Italian manufacture.

All the collections tell a journey seen through the eyes of the designer in different cultures, eras, distant places but also spaces reached with creativity and imagination. The woman is dressed in a minimal and romantic elegance in shapes but strong in prints and colors, sometimes ironic. A contemporary mix that combines in the research and style of its collections tailored jackets and suits with a masculine cut with soft shirts, feminine pencil skirts, corolla skirts, short dresses like graceful maxi dresses … all Italian fabrics are carefully selected following the principle high quality, from the precious silk of Como to the embroideries made in Puglia. The care for finishes and details such as buttons and linings is meticulous.

Present in multiple countries with over forty stores, including the United States and Japan, Roi du Lac is a brand to be discovered!

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