Trench coats, bikers, trousers, pencil skirts but also tote bags, backpacks, small accessories and even jewelry. Leather is shaped today in new times and new styles. And it does so with great attention to the environment.

In eco or animal free version, very soft but at the same time resistant, leather is the favorite material of 5 made in Italy brands that you cannot miss. Italian brands who love this material so much that they use it in all their collections. With innovation, with creativity, with attention to quality and the environment. 5 names, 5 brands, lots of exclusive creations. To be discovered and worn immediately as if they were a… second skin. 

ANTHEMIS - The daisy: this is the meaning contained in the name of the first of the 5 made in Italy leather brands that we have selected for you, namely Anthemis. A very young reality that has precious know-how. In fact, the brand comes to life from Artico, an Italian artisan company specializing in leather clothing, and from the unused materials of its warehouse, now transformed into exclusive and unique garments. A brand that challenges the times by distinguishing itself with its own style, offering a leather wardrobe to wear every day. With personality, character and versatility.

STKREO - Founded by architect and designer Stefania Tortella, the Stkreo jewelry brand finds its raw material in leather. Through an upcycling process, which recovers selected waste leathers, Stefania Tortella creates true sartorial architectures. Unique and sustainable pieces, hand painted: a set of shapes and shades in perfect harmony with the woman who wears them. An idea so strong that it transforms a scrap into a real jewel!

THE DUST COMPANY - A slow fashion, which returns to its origins, tradition and the beauty of exclusivity. The Dust brand creates bags and accessories using vegetable tanned leather: a raw material of the highest quality that is then handcrafted. Backpacks, shoppers, briefcases… each product is unique and equal only to itself, precisely because it is authentic and handcrafted. A refined selection that offers versatile products in different colors, distinguished by the fascinating retro-vintage design. More than a brand, a way of thinking, a style of dressing and living.

CORIUM HUB - This young and feminine brand was born in Solofra, the center of tanning in Campania. By designing collections with a contemporary and refined taste, Corium Hub chooses only top quality leathers. Soft touches, sometimes rock, others romantic: iconic and must-have items reinterpreted by combining the love for elegance with the freshness of colors, attention to detail with the search for novelty. Bikers, jackets, trench coats but also maxi dresses, pencil skirts, shorts… to wear immediately!


MAISON DRESSAGE - Founded by the two designers Rossella Mancini and Matteo Dazzo, Maison Dressage is a brand of leather bags and accessories inspired by architectural geometry and a minimalist aesthetic. Wood, brass and fabrics blend to contrast and complete the softness of the leather. Each piece is handcrafted in the Trieste atelier with vegetable tanned leather, thus guaranteeing quality, style and sustainability.

What are you waiting for? Create your leather look!