Outside of gender, age and time. The new ZEROBARRACENTO fall/winter 2021-22 collection is a bold expression of fluidity, versatility, equality and modularity. “THE RISE OF 0 WASTE FASHION" is an expression of moderation and awareness, created following the values of the brand: 0% waste and gender, 100% sustainability, which means traceability, transparency and inclusiveness. The seasonless garments with deconstructed shapes were able to convey on the catwalk the sense of calm and balance that characterize the new collection.

chiara quatrale earrings
aru eyewear eyeglasses
maxi bag maison dressage  

An ideal setting created by lighting and the symbolic colors of the expressive freedom that ZEROBARRACENTO represents. Faithful to its identity, the show was a perfect representation of ZEROBARRACENTO's DNA: a place outside of gender, age and time. The colors (Blue leap, Black Onyx, Forged Grey, Amber Gold, Red Clay e Rhododendron) are compact and play on the combination of complementary shades.

jumpsuit ellementi
sneakers luca berioli


Also for the creation of the new collection "THE RISE OF 0 WASTE FASHION", the emerging made in Italy brand ZEROBARRACENTO has dedicated a lot of space to the research of materials. With a view to real circular economy, the brand has in fact used innovative and sustainable materials: 100% made in Italy and re-engineered wool and baby camel, as well as the fluidity obtained from Asahi Kasei's BembergTM fabrics, the new generation material is made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter pre-consumer materials and converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process.


white and yellow shirt by bav tailor
collanevrosi earrings
adelaide bag c. folder model in leather and cork


The awareness and commitment of ZEROBARRACENTO to support a completely sustainable fashion remain strong and solid in all steps: the patterns are developed according to zero-waste modeling, which eliminates textile waste in the design phase, an approach that helps reduce the use of raw materials.

A way of thinking, a way of doing, a way of dressing the future. Discover now the garments of the new THE RISE OF 0 WASTE FASHION collection by ZEROBARRACENTO.