Accademia Costume & Moda: the winners of Talents 2017. The experimental ideations of the fifteen students of Accademia Costume & Moda in Rome last Saturday, January 28 have trod the catwalks of Altaroma, illuminating these propulsive creativity. A stand out among others, the clothes offered by Diana Aparo, rewarded by Lupo Lanzara for Clothing Award, Alessio Rossi, who received the Accessories Award by Leonardo Pucci, and Ludovica Serra who won the important Pitti Tutorship Toward, delivered by the Director Pitti Tutorship Division Riccardo Vannetti.

On the asphalt of a city marked by degradation, that of Dino Buzzati in "Un Amore", inexplicably you can see a flower: this is the story told in the fabrics, including lingerie fabrics combined with sculptural rouges, true protagonists of the capsules, which sees in Diana Aparo its author. The affectation of transparency plays to build an image of romantic woman, sometimes even melancholy, but safe in her eclecticism, with a feminine and slipped dress for example mixed with a vest with a decisive cut. Red, powder pink, gray alternate with different patterns as geometric checked or micro dots. Aesthetically spectacular, substantially exciting.

Comfort and multifunctionality are the features of "Jarvis", the accessories created by winner Alessio Rossi that draws bags in the dichotomies of leather and technical fabrics, light and heavy raw materials, cool and warm colors absolutely in line with the contemporary, lived outside the pitch, or rather anticipating it. The concept of gender dies in favor of a liquid capable of uniting in an object the masculine and the feminine. Big, hegemonic every look, backpacks and bags of a name among others Talents already very recognizable in terms of style, Alessio Rossi, go beyond appropriating new spaces. Practices, but exclusive, are the perfect answer to an ever more demanding and frenetic urbanity.

Pitti Tutor Toward called Ludovica Serra that with "Innocence" describes atmosphere lived by dolls at times sweet, at dark traits. Porcelain, the delicate motifs of Oriental Ceramics are combined with tougher Russian tattoos, represented in crisp blue prints that through meticulous hand-sewn designs break the untouched purity of white. Heavy volumes, embroidered are structured an innocent but troubled body. The clothes here become architecture, solid habitation. A little as baroque vases, gentle in tone, rigid and modern shapes, the pieces of Ludovica Serra are evidence of a need to respect and return to knowledge of tradition accompanied by a taste instead ready tomorrow. Accademia Costume & Moda : the search for talent, looking for the future. For info

Giulia Fucile