Creazioni Zuri: can from a disk of paper to be born a jewel? Unbelievable but…true! From the creative partnership of Chiara Zuliani and Manuela Rigon originates a new representation of jewel, leaving at home the precious metals or bright exaggerated standards, preferring paper as raw material. Risky choice? Maybe, but definitely a winner!

Creazioni Zuri hide a processing anything but poor. Influenced by university education in Industrial Design, acquired at the IUAV in Venice, Chiara and Manuela aim to unite in one product industrial characteristic with that manual. They shape each piece personally, obtained from the first phase of industrial cutting, then tucking needle and thread the individual disks, one by one.

Colors and shapes we capture the beauty of a diverse landscape, the Venetian, described by a contemporary vein, sustainable and completely handmade. Not a land any but their own. So the red, black and brown were the focus of the Venice collection where you can see between vortices and sinuous tones of Venetian houses, or shades of blue, green and beige are joined in the Laguna.

The Basilica of Palladio in Vicenza, the old woods of Bassano Bridge, the cherry blossoms of the town of Marostica, the dark light of Canova's works are just some of the visions that inspire sweet jewels within their borders, strong in their identity.

Between their pages, or better diskettes, a story to read, live, show off. With emotion, with elegance. Creazioni Zuri: Paper Jewels. For info

Giulia Fucile