If you choose the right ones, they can make your look truly unique: accessories are in fact what makes the difference, adding detail and exclusivity to even the most basic combinations.

It is precisely for this reason that updating accessories over time is essential: from the hat to the belt, from the micro bag to the scarf, from glasses to hair bands... choosing iconic accessories will enhance your outfits.


How? Start with your own style: focus on must-haves in harmony with your personality and your combinations. Casual, chic, sporty, minimal… follow your mood and embellish it with the right details, having fun mixing the pieces and also creating contrasts. So some examples on how to update accessories?

If you love to wear garments with a romantic and retro style or create silhouettes with a narrow waist, you can choose a high-waisted belt as an accessory: it will slim the figure and make your look immediately chic.

And in the wake of femininity, another accessory to focus on is definitely the headband: maxi, colorful, with feathers… choose a refined and unique one and combine it with versatility to your outfits. From the mini dress for a romantic touch to jeans for a casual chic combination.

Are you a lover of colors and prints? Then there is no better accessory than the foulard. A bandana, braided in the hair, tied at the neck, detail closed in a bow on the bag… a real must!

Small and colorful: when you update the accessories, don't forget them, or rather the mini and micro bags. To be worn alone or combined with maxis, they convince (and win!) for their indisputable style rather than functionality. And like them, even the hat and glasses cannot miss the appeal of accessories that are crucial in the look: choose a shape in harmony with your face, which enhances your features and matches the mood of your looks.

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