Bright, intense and joyful: the colors of this Summer are full and pop! Fuchsia, orange, light blue, yellow, green illuminate with style garments and accessories for a wardrobe with bold colors. Yes, because they are the ones who dictate the trend, rather than shapes and silhouettes.

They dye outfits and suits, mini bags and jewels, dresses and shoes, dressing us in color from head to toe. A charge of energy, positivity and good humor as well as style. But pay attention to how you wear bold colors: style slips with such bright colors are just around the corner. So, let's go in order and see in detail how to wear them.


One of the most popular bold colors is definitely fuchsia: pink in its hottest version is in fact the protagonist of both day and evening looks. Declined on blazers, suits but also on romantic and elegant light dresses, accessories such as mini bags, sandals, rings... You can dare to wear it from head to toe but also choose it in small doses and combine it for example with denim or light, white or nude.

And if you want to mix it with other bold colors, try it with blue, for a sophisticated and refined combo, or with orange for the strongest and most trendy looks.


Another beloved bold color is in fact the vitamin orange. This shade is ideal to liven up your outfits in the city: for example, you can choose it for a top to mix with white or for a handbag to make the undisputed protagonist of your looks. And as for fuchsia, also for this shade, the orange + orange rule applies, to be worn in total.

In its sky version, light blue is in this season's favorite palette: the color of serenity is chic and easy to wear, ideal for more elegant solutions as well as for daytime or weekend looks. Versatile and glam, it is the perfect color for more formal garments such as suits but also for feminine midi dresses, palazzo pants, sandals and slingbacks.


Beautiful on its own but also perfect mixed with intense tones of lime green or emerald, hints of orange, pink, white. And if you want a super bold combination, add it to lemon yellow: this color will illuminate the blue with its joy and intensity.

So what are you waiting for? Have fun mixing garments and accessories with style: bold colors keyword!