Renowned throughout the world as the cradle of the Renaissance, Tuscany continues to shine for its beauty and to confirm itself as the undisputed land of craftsmanship, luxury and elegance. Made in Tuscany: there are in fact many handcrafted creations made in the famous Italian region and desired all over the world. From the art of embroidery to the long-lived processing of leathers, from the weaving of knits to the design of luxury accessories... Today, in the creativity of the present, history, knowledge, manufacturing of the past but also contemporary taste meet, research, innovation, style. An exclusive and unrepeatable mix that fills that much loved “made in Tuscany” with meaning.

Alongside the big brands, known everywhere, such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Pucci, Cavalli, there are many medium and small artisan businesses that animate Tuscan craftsmanship. Niche brands that work fabrics and leathers in a traditional way but that seek and find contemporary solutions to meet the needs of the consumer.

Unique, handmade, rare pieces: made in Tuscany focuses on the exclusivity of the product and its artistic manufacture. Clothing, footwear, accessories, lingerie... let's discover Tuscany and its fashion together: for you a small guide to the most exclusive brands and, of course, made in Tuscany: the journey begins!


Flora Lastraioli is a made in Tuscany brand of luxury lingerie worn and loved by women from all over the world, including royalty and princesses. A brand made of history, art and tradition even before fashion: it all began in the early nineteenth century, when great-grandmother Amelia became the official embroiderer at the court of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany. An art, that of embroidery, shared and transmitted over the years, so much and so well that it laid the foundations of the homonymous company founded in 1932 by Flora Lastraioli.

Synonymous with elegance and exclusivity, the brand still today creates a product of the highest quality, handmade and cared for in every single detail. Embroidery, lace, silks, tulle: in Florence, the Lastraioli Atelier creates precious, feminine and wonderful collections that have made this brand one of the most sought after in luxury lingerie. Matteo Pecchioli, now at the head of the company, who grew up in the family Atelier, has renewed the brand and the product, conquering and consolidating Flora Lastraioli on the Italian and international markets.


From the historic Florentine company Mazzanti Piume, a point of reference all over the world, including the big brands, the line of accessories Nanà Firenze was born in 2005. A fresh, feminine and contemporary brand that embellishes accessories such as headbands, brooches, vests, collars with style and elegance.

Unique pieces made entirely by hand in Tuscany, more precisely in Florence, which have feathers as protagonists. Know-how, experience and excellence come together in exclusive collections with timeless beauty. The color, the ductility and the softness of the feather give life to romantic and feminine creations, ideal for women of all ages: iconic, elegant and high quality accessories, strong in being always current, season after season...


Tuscan leather goods are famous all over the world for their very high quality. And it is in Tuscany that Cristian Marcucci, founder of the homonymous brand, creates his bags. Precious creations, bags free from seasonality and designed to last over time: style icons with harmonious and clean lines, ideal for dressing and accompanying women every day.

The craftsmanship of the product, combined with the choice of high quality materials and the study of a contemporary and functional design, leads the made in Tuscany brand to emerge for its excellence and for its ability to meet the needs of today's woman. Versatile bags, beautiful to look at and very comfortable to wear, perfect allies even in the most hectic days. A touch of unique style and… made in Tuscany!


Born in Italy and raised in Germany, the designer Maria Sapio, after studying Fashion and Knit Design at Polimoda in Florence and having collaborated with numerous companies in the knitwear and yarn sector, launches her exclusive brand made in Tuscany. Maria Sapio Knitcouture is an innovative, cutting-edge and sustainable reality that mixes the art and tradition of knitwear with ethical and environmentally friendly processes.

Short and long dresses, skirts, coats: a feminine and elegant wardrobe, designed for women who are romantic and strong at the same time. Made with new generation yarns and a complex development that combines handmade and wefts made with advanced electronic machines, Maria Sapio's creations are simply... unmistakable. A brand absolutely to note!


Born in Florence, the two sisters Valentina and Carolina Rangoni carry on the great family tradition, that of creating luxury handmade shoes. Grandfather Ugo began producing footwear as early as 1934 and the family has never stopped since. The two sisters have in fact decided to launch their own line dedicated to women: the brand, designed by Valentina Rangoni herself and from which it takes its name, is a mix of style, elegance, craftsmanship and impeccable fitting.

Valentina and Carolina make beautiful and comfortable shoes in Tuscany at the same time with the aim of making every woman feel confident, comfortable with her, elegant. The great classics of footwear, from boots to décolleté, from moccasins to sandals, are reinterpreted with a fresh, contemporary and iconic style.