The good things in life can be counted on the fingers of one hand, yours! No longer to be kept for special occasions, rings today must be worn in every daily look and not forgotten in the jewelry box. Vintage taste, mini version architectures or extra volumes: discover and choose the right jewel for you with our exclusive Most Wanted Rings.

Silver or gold, no stones or stones, as large as sculptures or thin bands... There are many rings but only a few that are truly special and exclusive. Let yourself be surprised by the precious creations of emerging brands and choose something unique.

Whether it's a maxi-sized ring to wear alone or a more essential piece of jewelry to wear with many others, the choice is yours. Find out what we have selected (beautiful!) For you!

Giorgia Panzironi Zamia silver ring


Royal Zamia Ring - Giorgia Panzironi

Sinuous and irregular shapes meet the quality and craftsmanship of handmade jewelry in Italy. In burnished silver, Giorgia Panzironi's ring will illuminate your looks with elegance.

Athena Gold-plated Ring - Vintouch. Athena ring is part of the Roma collection, inspired by the Greco-Roman world.


Athena Gold-plated Ring – Vintouch.

The love for the great classics lives among the creations of the all-Italian brand Vintouch. Thus the 18-karat gold-plated silver ring represents the goddess Athena in its coin shape: a mix of trends and tradition, a must in ours and in your jewelry box!

Heracleio Silver Ring - Dea Rail. Handmade burnished sterling silver ring with amber, peridot, natural pearl, black diamond.


Heracleio Silver Ring – Dea Rail.

Handmade with art and passion, it certainly couldn't be missing in our Most Wanted dedicated to rings. Heracleio is a promise of style and uniqueness: a jewel rich in history and distant inspirations that make us dream.

Knot Ring - Chiara Quatrale. Handmade bronze ring. Each creation is to be considered unique and, being an artisan production, the product may vary slightly from the image. In fact, the lost wax casting technique does not allow to obtain perfectly identical pieces and each slight difference must be considered a characteristic of value and uniqueness.


Knot Ring – Chiara Quatrale.

A ring to tie on your finger and never take off again! Chiara Quatrale's ring is woven by hand: a feminine shape, a poetic beauty that never goes out of fashion. Indeed, it has been handed down over time!

Glauco Pincers Ring - Studio Barattolo. Second Ring of the series “ Crab Collection”. Handcrafted products , made in Italy, with the lost wax casting technique. Black Ruthenium plated bronze ring, Nickel free.


Glauco Pincers Ring – Studio Barattolo.

Its "crab" shape is a true icon of the made in Italy jewelry brand Studio Barattolo. Maxi and exclusive, it represents the contemporary evolution of a beautiful ring worn alone. A piece that will make the difference in your look!

arte facta ring


Kora Peony Ring – Arte Facta.

Design, elegance, style... the Arte Facta ring lacks nothing. Handmade, in 23 kt gold plated brass and crystal pyramidal stones, it is an exclusive accessory perfect for making a special gift or, why not, treat yourself!