The good things in life can be counted on the fingers of one hand... yours! No longer to be kept only for special occasions, today rings are worn in every daily look and not forgotten in the jewelry box.

Sophisticated vintage mood, design architectures in a mini version, extra precious volumes, playful and super colored or elegant rings illuminated by stones: there are many rings but only a few are truly special and exclusive like our Most Wanted Rings, made by Italian niche designers in the heart of their artisan workshops.

More than jewels, these are details that make the difference, transforming even the most basic outfit into an exclusive one: a simple jeans and t-shirt combo, illuminated by the right rings, can become glam. But which ones to bet on? From the "let's fun" mood that plays with colors to the contemporary bold shapes, from the timeless rings with stones, to the classic pearl up to the iconic bands...

The Most Wanted Rings of this Summer (and not only!) have different moods and styles, as are the different looks you can combine them with. More and more often just one is not enough: maximalist fashion in fact enjoys mixing cards and jewels, proposing to wear several rings on the same hand.

But pay attention to what you combine together: it is important to create a game of balance by mixing large and original rings with more minimal pieces, thin and clean in shape. In this case, you prefer casual-chic outfits, combinations that choose an original but balanced mix & match: from the colorful suit worn with accessories for dailywear or fancy mini dresses.

If you want to create a look with a more elegant style, such as an evening outfit, choose a single ring, maxi and exclusive, leaving the other hand completely naked, so as to make it the absolute protagonist. Or bet on a bright color combinations with a mix of rings embellished with colored and super bright stones.

So what are you waiting for? Discover now on our selection of rings made by exclusive made in Italy brands!