A new page of Italian goldsmith art is written and bears the name of Acchitto. Seduction and ardor, the brand describes a lustful and fearless romanticism with the elegance of its inimitable jewels.

Elena Faccio and Francesca Richiardi, two sides of the same coin, cultivate passion and aspiration for beauty, for the precious, for the unusual and so, just like this in March 2018 Acchitto was born. A name destined to echo among the most intimate emotions, such as the dong of a pendulum clock; its design, faithful does not make itself await but ceaselessly amazes.

Dreamy and cheerful, the accessories by Acchitto reveal a vintage allure that looks upon tomorrow, to preserve theirselves eternally in every future life.

Elegant finishes, blazing nuances and imposing volumes surround a sublime aesthetic, designed for those who love to reinvent themselves, for those who have learned the art of becoming infatuated day after day with their new self. Discover the Acchitto jewels.