To question, to question onself. I believe these to be the right opening words to recount the story of a brand established in Rome in 2016, Vanta Design Studio, that has had the courage to experiment and reinterpret fashion, in depth.

The model is wearing a green tartan jacket
The model wears pants and shirt mix of recycled fabrics

Light cuts and extremely clean lines accompany the garments designed for FW 2019-20 for a him who loves tailoring but desires to divert from the schemes. An oversize fit that plays with putting textiles and ideas together, to render exclusive oddments lost over time and space, now becoming protagonists of new entities. Tartan denim, writing: the creativity runs from outerwear to trousers. And wins. For info and contacts

The model wears a black turtleneck with half-yellow wide pants and half blacks
The model wears jeans bomber with pants made with a mix of colors and recycled fabrics