Act n° 1. First Act, 2016, Reggio Emilia ... that brand is beginning. And if you seem to be watching a show or reading the initial chapter of an engaging story, then the goal is achieved because Luca Lin and Galib Gassanoff find their essence in the weave, and not just the fabric. In fact, Act n°1 is inspired by a reinterpretation of the threads of the story and arrives right where the first steps move.Childhood, the home, ancient Chinese art, craftsmanship of Azbagbagian mix with prints, childhood memories, and Italian memories that come to life on multi-cultural clothing. The concept has no boundaries, quality has no nationality, and Act n° 1 is certainly a universal poetry tailor. The different geographical origins of the two founders Luca, born in Reggio Emilia but of Chinese origins, and Georgian Galib represent the strong point of a brand that only one year old has already been noted in the Italian fashion scene.Winner in the pret-à-porter category of the recent contest Who Is On Next? 2017, Act n° 1 is the perfect result of tradition and streetwear. In the Spring - Summer 2017 collection, different designs and workmanships combine linear cuts, de-structured volumes, different patterns with color tips ranging from black to green to white to red varieties. Soft and slippery fabrics are matched with feminine white laces, transparent overlays that are absolutely contemporary.Selected on Roman runways by Sugar to develop a co-branding item by promoting the special line on, and further awarded with the Tomorrow Prize, which will allow it to include in the Parisian showroom the collection when the Woman Fashion Week September 2018, Act n°1 is now ready to write its second act. For info