Andrea Mondin: a fate already written, or perhaps already traced. He was only a child when he was already drawing dolls with heels, and now he is on the podium of the thirteenth edition Who Is On Next? 2017 for the accessories section, alongside the "talented comrades" Act n°1 and NicoGiani.Couturier of the shoe, young but with a curriculum full of so many experiences. In fact, after winning a scholarship for a stage in Roberto Cavalli's style office, Andrea moved to Milan where he attended the Istituto Europeo di Design. And soon after, the first approach to the field of accessories and footwear for the D&G line, followed by the great collaboration with Versace that will bring him to mature and feel ready to launch the Fall - Winter 2017 Ida collection with his own brand, Andrea Mondin.Italian tailoring and craftsmanship are the inviolable values of this little age-old brand. The ruff and the job of Venetian lacework continue to inspire Andrea from the debut collection, with absolutely original pieces now developed for the Spring - Summer 2017 collection in new materials and colors from the eastern influenza. From the gold décor of the Sabot Colette to the two new sandal models, Lucy in orange or navy blue satin and Ally decorated with the black side ruff, to the evocation of the velvet jacquard oil / blue and fuchsia /orange Giselle. Enchanting. Andrea Mondin has found his way, has "created" his own path, unique and exclusive artist of his footsteps and ... of his haute couture shoes! For info