Roberto Di Stefano: an emerging brand, a new IT bag! Rectangles, circles, square and linear geometries out, art, design and exciting visions inside. The very young handbags signed Roberto Di Stefano mix tradition with innovation, luxury with the avant-garde, aesthetics with stylistic vocation. For an impact bag, rather high creativity.Born and raised in Zurich, Roberto Di Stefano studied Art and Fashion Design at the International Fashion and Costume School in Rome and then continued his education at the Esmond University in Berlin. And then the brand, the recent debut in White Show in the city where he lives now, Milan, with a line of leather handbags and accessories that has his name, Roberto Di Stefano. The wide shoulder and the central circular logo are the signs of an already distinguishable bag, capable of being recognized, but above all to remember for its style.The sharpness of contours and the triumph of minimalism marry a wide variety of colors and fabrics, combined in very unique and eclectic objects of their kind. The cards are scrambled, dice revive and the results change. Everything is decontestualized and mixed in the most unusual way: from the apotheosis of the leopard print seduction now associated with the plexiglass hardness and the rigor of volumes, to the excellence of velvet combined in contrast to laser prints, pvc, 3D effect of salmon leatherEach bag Roberto Di Stefano is a combination of different suggestions and inspirations, the result of times, of society, but also of the artistic processes in which we live, that we live. Determined as the women who wear them, essential as the design that characterizes each Roberto Di Stefano, is up to the last detail, handcrafted and caretaker of a typical Italian culture. Made in Italy is an integral part of the creative process, such as color or texture, for impeccable quality, noticed by industry experts who have selected Roberto Di Stefano as one of the twelve talented finalists on Who Is On Next? 2017. In the wish list add one more thing, rather a bag ... Roberto Di Stefano! For info