Taller Marmo: marble lab. An unusual combination, an exclusive brand. Experimentation of creativity joins the luxury of a raw material, in a meeting of ideas and geographies. Italian Riccardo Audisio and Argentine Yago Goicoechea are in fact based in Dubai in 2013 the brand Taller Marmo.Classmates at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, the two young designers decide to leave the Fashion Design course and to join in a single project, in a conceptual clothing line, between the East which hosted them, and the West Which originated them. The love for the culture, the show, the great divas of the '50s, but also the exotic, and 80s, these are just some of the ingredients of the explosive mix that young Taller Marmo is. Wrapped in a contemporary nostalgia, innovative lines are built on clean clothes but bold.Taller Marmo is a different way of understanding women and their femininity, a ready-to-wear ready to break the patterns and create new balances. No more distinctions between day and evening, between elegant and casual. Every detail is vital, every detail is of style. Indispensable from Made in Italy, each Taller Marble piece is made in Italy by skilled craftsmen. Faithful to the game of contrasts, combine natural fibers with artificial fibers, giving rise to original solutions where every border is shed.Inspiration is widespread: colors and silhouettes come to life from nearby and distant influences and traditions. Maxi printed clothes, rows and designs typical of Arabic culture characterize the Spring-Summer 2017 collection, rich in color. Soft volumes, wide trousers and chemisiers. A must of the collection? Surely the mini gold fringed dress. Taller Marmo: baroque minimalism.For info tallermarmo.com